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Sierra Technology - StarTime Poller




Product Info

The StarTime Time Clock System is the latest innovative product from Sierra Technology. Designed to be used in conjunction with the Sierra Technology PC based StarTime Poller Software, the user can communicate with the remote network of StarTime Time Clock System to retrieve the clocking transactions.

The StarTime Poller software offers standard export files (ASCII format) to facilitate software integration with existing third party time management system (TMS) or commercially available payroll software.

The StarTime Time Clock System which grouped under ST8000 series come with a standard built-in contactless proximity card reader mounted in a compact ABS plastic housing. An alphanumeric keypad and back lit liquid crystal display (LCD) are also packaged with the ST8000 standard series.

Optionally, the StarTime Time Clock System can be configured to interface with various other identification technologies like magnetic strip card readers and barcode readers.

System Features

User friendly
Built-in proximity reader
Password protected
LCD and keypad with back-lit for low light operation
Master programming PIN (6 digits)
10 user defined mode setting
Siren setting enabled
Remote Control/Setting enabled
Non-volatile memory storage
Locking device control on secure side

Hardware Specifications

Input Power Supply Requirement 240VAC, 50Hz Mains Power Supply
On board battery Rechargeable Nickel-Cadmium (Ni-Cd) Battery, 70 mAh
Real Time Keeping Battery Backed Hardware Real Time Clock
Memory Storage Capacity 512 Kbytes of battery backed static RAM
Data retention Approximately 4 weeks after complete mains power failure
Communications Serial RS-232 / RS-485 communications link with PC host
Liquid Crystal Display 2 rows by 16 characters alphanumeric LCD with back lit
Keypad 4 rows by 3 columns alphanumeric keypad with back lit
Anti-Tamper Switch Yes
Contactless Proximity Frequency 125kHz

Software Specifications

Card Database Up to 5,000
Card Holder Name Up to 16 alphanumeric characters
Transaction Record Reader Identification (ID), 6 digit card identification (ID) plus Date and Time Stamp
Transactions Up to 25,000
Trigger External Siren 64 time intervals for each day of the week to selectively trigger External (user supplied) siren
Barcode Reader Supports one barcode reader (Format 3 of 9)



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