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Sierra Technology - ST8000 ProxStation


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    Product Info

    ST8000 ProxStation is the latest product release from Sierra technology. It is an enhancement of the highly successful and proven ST2000 system. Packed with more powerful feasures and performance, it is designed to meet the ever-changing demands of the new milennium. It combines the latest in contact less technology with the state-of-the-art microcontroller architecture to offer a high tech and yet cost-effective product.

    The ST8000 ProxStation is an intelligent single-door controller system which is designed to provide added reliability. The apparent weakness of mult-idoor controller is that when any one of the controllers fails, the readers attached to it will be affected. With the ST8000 ProxStation this problem can be minimized.

    The ST8000 ProxStation comes complete with a built-in proximity reader. It offers the flexibility of being operated as a standalone unit or can be networked to a PC using the ST8000 software. Up to 128 doors can be simultaneously networked to a single PC.

    System Features

    Fully distributed processing
    Built-in 2 rows x 16 columns LCD with backlit
    User password protection
    Operations : Standalone or networked to PC.
    Operation modes : Time zone based or manual
    User defined PIN code
    Card Lockout
    100 time zones
    100 time sets each with 3 intervals
    Reader cardholder capacity : 2,000 (expandable to 5000 or 10000 if required.)
    Reader event storage : 5,000 first in first out (expandable)
    50 holidays
    AC failure warning
    Low battery warning
    Anti-passback. Time Zone Controlled. global or local time zone
    Soft anti-passback. Programmable time 0-999 minutes
    Built in proximity reader
    Suports one exit reader
    Locking device control on secure side

    Hardware Technical Specifications

    RAM 1Mbit battery backed static RAM (upgradeable to 4Mbit)
    ROM 64K flash ROM
    Clock Battery Backed Real Time Clock (RTC)
    Onboard battery 60mA
    Data retention Approximately 4 weeks
    Power Supply 12V DC (supplied by ST8000-PCU)
    LCD display 2 x16 characters with back-lit feature
    Keypad 3 x 4 digit with back-lit feature
    Tamper Switch Yes
    Online Printing Yes
    Operation Stand-alone or Networked
    Proximity Frequency 125kHz
    Reading Range Up to 100mm under most conditions
    Alarm Zones 3 alarm inputs
    Relay Output 2 relays - 1 for lock & 1 for alarm output
    Casing Material ABS plastic. Fire retardant
    Casing Security Special security tool required to remove casing cover
    Dimensions 110mm(H) x 90mm(W) x30mm(D)
    Weather Proof YES. IP65 ready

    Functional Specifications

    Card holder 2000 (expandable to 10,000)
    Transactions 5000 First in first out (expandable to 10,000)
    Time Set 100
    Time Zones 100
    Holidays 50
    Antipassback Time Zone Controlled. Global or local time zone.
    Soft antipassback Fully supported. Will reset antipassback after a programmable time 0-999 minutes
    Out reader Support 1 out reader

    Operating Platform

    Windows 95, Windows 98 and Windows NT

    Minimum System Requirement

    For Windows 95/98:
    200Mhz Pentium PC with 64Mbyte RAM, 4.0G hard drive. Windows95/98 OS

    For Window NT Version 4.0
    350Mhz Pentium PC with 128Mbyte RAM, 4.0G hard drive. Windows NT 4.0 OS

    Optional Modules

    Sierra Photo ID Module
    Sierra Visitor Management Module
    Sierra Multiple Workstation Access Via Web Browser
    Sierra Multiple Sites Monitoring Module
    Sierra CCTV Integration Module



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